Is Shein Makeup Safe?

Shein has impacted the global market for fast fashion. The Chinese online market completely transformed the cosmetics industry with its makeup and cosmetics offers. But is Shein makeup safe? Because Shein’s goods are so cheap, some people have questioned their legitimacy. There may have been rumors that Shein’s cosmetics included carcinogens.

Let’s learn more about the security of Shein cosmetics.

Is Shein Makeup Safe to Use?

A report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from 2021 claims that the lead, poly-fluoroalkyl compounds, and phthalate levels in Shein textiles are excessively high. As a result, the company’s safety standards are questioned. Even though the CBC story solely focused on Shein’s clothing business, other Shein products came under scrutiny from customers. This turns out to be an all-round fashion brand.

Are Shein’s assurances that the components in its cosmetic products are completely safe to use to be believed? It’s difficult to trust a company that has a spotty history of maintaining safety regulations. The component list for Shein’s SHEGLAM cosmetic products does not contain any compounds that are subject to strict regulation. So they appear to be safe to use on the surface.

There are currently no discrepancies in the ingredient list that Shein has provided to regulators in the US, Canada, or the EU. However, the list of compounds that are regulated continues to get longer and longer. You should always stay up-to-date as a result. Even if something is safe to use right now, there is no guarantee that it will always be that way.


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Final Words

In comparison to Europe or North America, China’s production costs are far lower. Because of this, China produces more than 28% of the world’s manufactured goods. Second, Shein has developed into a huge firm. As a result, its cosmetics sector has the luxury of having access to its sibling companies’ R&D advancements. The vast economies of scale that a large corporation may provide allow for significant cost reductions in manufacturing without compromising quality.

So, is Sheglam cosmetics safe? The answer is currently “yes.” Although Shein’s other businesses have overtaken it, its cosmetics sector is still operating. There is no evidence that Shein’s cosmetics manufacturing division violated safety regulations. Therefore, there is no need to shun Shein cosmetics at this time.


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